Staying under the Googlebot radar and out of the index

This is an odd topic for a digital marketer to be writing about, but it’s one that I’ve always been curious about. We’re obsessed with how quickly we can get Google’s indexed updated whenever we launch a new site, new page or make a change to a site’s content, but what about the reverse?

I’m asking the question, how long can I keep this blog from being indexed by Google? So far.. the details are:

Site launch on – 8th December 2018

I’ve deliberately stayed away from entering into Google to see if the site’s been indexed because I don’t want to cause the indexation process by doing that. Maybe we’ll try that as an experiment in the future.

Visits to the site as of 9th Jan 2019 – Z.E.R.O

I’ll keep you posted… (not that there’s anyone out there right now).

EDIT: March 18th – my first referral visit from a search engine, which happened to be duckduckgo. It’s official, I’m now in the index somewhere. Still curious as to how that happened. I can only assume someone looking at their backlink profile found an inbound link from my site and followed it as I still haven’t shared any of my posts on social media or through any other channel.